Facing computer troubles can leave one feeling helpless, infuriated and at risk. Also, there is nothing worse than waiting for a technician to arrive while anxiously waiting for him to get it repaired or handing over your precious machine to someone without knowing the outcome. Meet Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. where we use the latest techniques to rescue your PC. Hours of frustration, numerous visits of technicians tinkering with your PC and unreasonable charges are all replaced with a single phone call with our certified technicians.

Whether you need a tech support expert, IT consultant, or systems engineer, Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the smart choice for computer help. Be it email migration issue, security issue, network integration issue, project planning or documentation, help desk outsourcing support and IT Outsourcing.

Our Service Model:

With Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s service model we can provide online and phone support to you and your business without the expense of having full time staffing.

With various payment option ranging from per incident to yearly contracts, Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. can provide support to your business or home in the manner that best suits your operating procedures.

You need your IT solutions to work as hard as per your requirement. Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides premium support and solutions that directly address the requirements of residential & small to medium sized businesses.

Our Service Desk Team:

All our associates are selected after rigorous selection process and undergo mandatory training before assisting customers. Quality is monitored on a daily basis and feedback is given regularly to all the associates. This helps us to move ahead of the curve and gives us the required expertise in dealing with all kind of customer requests related to machines, laptops, personal computers, scanners, printers, modems and other digital devices.

The premier MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) credentials earned by our team bear witness that we have the skills necessary for the successful design, implementation and administration of the most advanced Microsoft Windows platform and Microsoft server products.

We give utmost priority to data protection and privacy. We are well aware about the sensitivity involved in dealing with your digital equipment and we ensure confidentiality and security of your data and information.

Why US:

  • 24 x 7 x 365: We are always available for you, 24X7. You are always welcome to call us anytime, and we will ensure you the same quality and satisfaction each time. Additionally, we will ensure that help reaches you in the nick of the time.
  • Exclusive Plans: We offer you a range of technical solutions, bearing in mind the wide-ranging needs of individuals and the unique situations they face. This includes incidental plans, long term support plans and family support plans. And the best part? We offer you a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
  • Safe and Secure: You are in good hands at Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd.. Adhering to international norms and standards, our site is completely secure and protected.