Our Pledge to Your Privacy

Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. completely preserves the information collected via its phone, e-mail or online submission on its sites and will not sell or rent this information to anyone in ways different from what is disclosed in this policy. If you are not persuaded with the Privacy Policy terms or with the services we have delivered or the Managed IT Services you’ve taken from Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. you can opt out of the services offered by us. You can write an email to support@aaxiomtech.com or call us on our support number to get appropriate assistance regarding the same.

User Computer Information

We may require information related to your (user) computer to provide the Service. This information may include:

Type of computer,

Make and model of your computer

MAC address of your computer,

Date of purchase of your computer,

Software installed and peripherals attached to it,

Data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error tracking files.

Condition and state of the computer

Generally, this information is required to provide personalized Managed IT Services to you, and to help us enhance our supported products lists.

Aaxiom Technology Pvt. Ltd. also would like to make it clear that these recordings of Live Help Sessions is not at all related to collection of your personal information.